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Things I love about Autumn: Number 5: Samhain/Halloween!

Things I love about fall #4: Not just Chanterelles, but all MUSHROOMS!

Things I love about Fall: #3: The leaves! It is like a magical wonderland of warm colors with a crispy finish.

Things I love about fall #2: Pumpkins!

Things I love about Autumn: #1: Chanterelles!

A few  awesome hair flowers made by my friend. She has an etsy shop and is making some really pretty  items.


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I love this show and am really excited about the music featured here. Wonderful choices. Fever Ray “If I had a heart” for the opening.


Also the fact that Wardruna is featured in a few episodes is wonderful. I was thinking about them as I started off the show and was delighted to discover that the producers of Viking used them.